CSS Grid Challenge: Winners and Templates

   CSS Grid is becoming the new layout standard for the web, and we are all still experimenting with what we can achieve with it. Some folks assume that CSS Grid is just a replacement for table layouts or Flexbox — but that’s simply not true. Some also think that they can use CSS Grid to replicate more advanced print layouts, which brings us all closer [...]

Web Design Weekly #293

Headlines CSS is not real programming As someone who has spent the last 6 years in CSS land, reading negative articles about CSS can be a little disheartening. Thankfully we have people like Christian Heilmann in our community to try and put those people back on the right path. ( Relicensing React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js ( Articles 5 things CSS developers wish they knew before they started Andrés Galante shares a list of things he wish he had known at the beginning of his [...]

Minimalistic Design With Large Impact: Functional Minimalism For Web Design

   As web design focuses more and more on good user experience, designers need to create the most usable and attractive websites possible. Carefully applied minimalist principles can help designers make attractive and effective websites with fewer elements, simplifying and improving users’ interactions.In this article, I will discuss some examples of minimalism in web design, things to consider when designing minimalist interfaces, and explain why sometimes [...]

Non-Disclosure Agreements For Developers: What To Know Before You Sign

   Most days, your goal as a developer is to design, develop and program awesome software. However, part of the job is also finding new clients, and you don’t want to be caught off guard by unexpected legal documents that come up while you’re establishing new clients.The most common legal document you will be asked to sign when working on a website or app is a [...]

Template Literals are Strictly Better Strings

Nicolás Bevacqua wrote this a year ago, and I’d say with a year behind us he’s even more right. Template literals are always better. You don’t have to screw around with concatenation. You don’t have to screw around with escaping other quotes. You don’t have to screw around with multiline. We should use them all the time, and adjust our linting to help us develop that muscle memory. Besides the few things you can’t use them for (e.g. JSON), there [...]

Pumpkins, Spooky Fellows And Fall Inspiration For Your Desktop (October 2017 Edition)

   Bright, colorful leaves, rainy days, Halloween. That’s October — at least if you’re living in the Northern hemisphere. To provide you with some fresh inspiration even when the weather is gray, artists and designers from across the globe once again challenged their creative skills to design beautiful, one-of-a-kind (and this time around also spooky) wallpapers for you to indulge in.This monthly wallpapers mission has been [...]

CSS Grid Gotchas And Stumbling Blocks

   In March this year, CSS Grid shipped into production versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari within weeks of each other. It has been great to see how excited people are about finally being able to use it to solve real problems.CSS Grid is such a different way of approaching layout that there are a number of common questions I am asked as people start to [...]

60 Travel Icons To Awaken Your Wanderlust (Freebie)

   Summer might be over, but the memories of the places you’ve visited and the people you’ve met remain. No matter if you explored an exotic country, packed your car for a road trip or took out the hiking boots to discover the nature around you — traveling is a great opportunity to discover new places, gain a fresh view on things, and make lasting experiences.To [...]

Web Design Weekly #292

Headlines What kind of designer are you or want to become? A nice self-checklist that can help guide you into becoming the designer you want to be. Some solid advice. ( New Master’s in Communication Design at Parsons Parsons School of Design in NYC Has Launched a 1-Year Master’s for Design Professionals Focusing on Digital Product Design. Learn more! ( Articles Essentials for Good API Documentation A good overview of topics that is a must read for anyone starting out or keen to improve their API [...]

Uploading Directories At Once With webkitdirectory

   If you’ve ever tried to implement a bulletproof, good-looking file uploader, you might have encountered an issue: uploading an entire folder or folders of files is usually quite a hassle, as files in each folder have to be selected manually. And then some folders might contain sub-folders as well.Well, we can use webkitdirectory, a non-standard attribute that allows users to pick a directory via a [...]