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Web Design Weekly #308

Headlines CSS Grid for UI Layouts Josh Marinacci shows us how to use CSS Grid to improve application layouts that need to respond and adapt to user interactions and changing conditions, and always have your panels scroll properly. (mozilla.org) Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure” (googleblog.com) Sponsor Web Design Weekly and reach over 27,822 passionate designers and developers Articles Evolving Patterns in React A look at some of the patterns that are emerging in the React ecosystem. These patterns improve [...]

Web Design Weekly #307

Headlines How to gain widespread adoption of your design system If you are trying to get a design system off the ground within your workplace this article by Julie Nergararian has some greats takeaways that might help you get things over the line. (medium.com) The increasing nature of frontend complexity (logrocket.com) Sponsor Web Design Weekly and reach over 27,626 passionate designers and developers Articles Making SVG icon libraries for React apps Nicolas Gallagher describes how to make a package of React components from a library of [...]

Web Design Weekly #306

Headlines Sketching in the Browser Mark Dalgleish shares some great insight into the search for the perfect design system. If you happen to be struggling in finding a good workflow within your team, make sure you read this. (medium.com) Hard and Soft Skills in Tech (newco.co) Sponsor Web Design Weekly and reach over 27,636 passionate designers and developers Articles A Field Guide for Better Build Performance If you use Webpack and are having a few issues with build performance this article by Rowan Oulton explains what [...]

Web Design Weekly #305

Headlines Why I changed the way I think about Code Quality John Cobb shares some fantastic advice for becoming a better developer. If you write code, make time for this. (freecodecamp.org) Designers who play with words In this post, Melody Quintana discusses some ways she has found writing to be useful in her design process. She also suggests some lightweight, playful exercises to get the words flowing. (medium.com) Sponsor Web Design Weekly and reach over27,461 passionate designers and developers Articles Best practices for staging environments A topic [...]

Web Design Weekly #304

Headlines Page speed to affect mobile search ranking Google announced this week that starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches. Time to make those website even faster (googleblog.com) Software rot and the case for the PWA rewrite If you are not on the Progressive Web App train, this article might tip you over the edge. Some great words by Matt Ludwig. (dockyard.com) CSS Grid — Learn all about CSS Grid with Wes Bos (cssgrid.io) Articles What’s New [...]

Web Design Weekly #302

Headlines React Performance Fixes on Airbnb Listing Pages Joe Lencioni explains the techniques he used to profile Airbnb’s listing pages, the tools he used to optimize it and see the scale of the impact it had. (medium.com) How Stripe Designs Beautiful Websites (leejamesrobinson.com) Claim Your .design Domain Name…Before Someone Else Does ​Grab a free .design domain name for your website or portfolio! Unlike .com or .net, .design is a domain that reflects what you do and makes your branding look better. Your .design domain [...]

Web Design Weekly #302

Headlines Debugging React performance with React 16 What happens when your components suddenly don’t feel fast anymore? Where do you look? How do you fix it? Ben Schwarz, the founder of Calibre points you in the right direction. A must read if you work with React. (calibreapp.com) What makes a good design principle? (matthewstrom.com) Sponsor Web Design Weekly and reach over 26,707 passionate designers and developers Articles Media Queries Based on Element Width with MutationObserver In this article Ali Alaa explores a JavaScript approach to add [...]

Web Design Weekly #301

Headlines Interface Bryn Jackson puts forward a proposal for an interchangeable format between design tools and developer tools. (spectrum.chat) Welcome to the new Smashing Magazine (smashingmagazine.com) Articles WTF is a Source Map A much needed post all about source maps. Richard Schneeman begins explaining the basics like, what is a source map, how exactly do source maps work and then goes into more detail towards the end of the post. (schneems.com) Happier HTML5 Form Validation Dave Rupert shares some finding from a recent client project that I’m [...]

Web Design Weekly #300

Headlines The Burden of Precision Daniel Eden has been at the forefront of design thinking for sometime and this recent piece is a must read. He goes into detail about why we should share the load and responsibility of precise, perfect designs between designers and engineers. (daneden.me) Introducing the New Firefox: Firefox Quantum It’s by far the biggest update since Firefox 1.0 launched in 2004. (blog.mozilla.org) 120+ Unique, Premium Typefaces – 31 Font Families – only $ 9 It’s time to fall into a [...]

Web Design Weekly #299

Headlines Fake designs yield real results If you are new to the industry or a keen to take your skills to the next level this post by Daniel Burka highlights some great advice to help you on your way. (gv.com) The Web began dying in 2014, here’s how André Staltz shares some deep thoughts about how the underlying dynamics of the power on the web has drastically changed due to Google, Facebook and Amazon. (staltz.com) Articles Flexbox and Grids, your layout’s best friends Eva Ferreira takes [...]