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Web Design Weekly #295

Headlines Is this my interface or yours? John Saito shares some thoughts around interface items that belong to you. A great piece that sure does get you thinking. (medium.com) Rebuilding Slacks Website (slack.engineering) Manage projects. Bill your clients. Stay profitable. Meet Harpoon, the all-in-one financial success platform for freelancers, studios, and agencies. You decide how much money you want your business to make this year. Harpoon provides the tools you need to help achieve that goal. Try it free for 14 days! (harpoonapp.com) Articles The [...]

Web Design Weekly #294

Headlines Essential Image Optimization – an eBook An awesome eBook created by Addy Osmani that looks at the current state of image optimization and the best ways to integrate it into your workflow. A must read. (images.guide) Lessons from migrating a large codebase to React 16 (discordapp.com) Articles The 100% correct way to structure a React app Is there a “correct way”?! Well I’m not really sure but in this post David Gilbertson offers some really sound advice on making sure that the pain [...]

Building A Large-Scale Design System: How A Design System Was Created For The U.S. Government (Case Study)

   Editor’s Note: We’ve been closely working with Maya on this article, and we’re happy to see the final result now being published on 18F. We highly encourage more teams to share the lessons they learned when building design systems or pattern libraries, and we’re always happy to support them in writing, editing and shaping that article. This post is a re-post of Maya’s final article.Today, [...]

Web Design Weekly #293

Headlines CSS is not real programming As someone who has spent the last 6 years in CSS land, reading negative articles about CSS can be a little disheartening. Thankfully we have people like Christian Heilmann in our community to try and put those people back on the right path. (christianheilmann.com) Relicensing React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js (code.facebook.com) Articles 5 things CSS developers wish they knew before they started Andrés Galante shares a list of things he wish he had known at the beginning of his [...]

Minimalistic Design With Large Impact: Functional Minimalism For Web Design

   As web design focuses more and more on good user experience, designers need to create the most usable and attractive websites possible. Carefully applied minimalist principles can help designers make attractive and effective websites with fewer elements, simplifying and improving users’ interactions.In this article, I will discuss some examples of minimalism in web design, things to consider when designing minimalist interfaces, and explain why sometimes [...]

Web Design Weekly #292

Headlines What kind of designer are you or want to become? A nice self-checklist that can help guide you into becoming the designer you want to be. Some solid advice. (uxplanet.org) New Master’s in Communication Design at Parsons Parsons School of Design in NYC Has Launched a 1-Year Master’s for Design Professionals Focusing on Digital Product Design. Learn more! (newschool.edu) Articles Essentials for Good API Documentation A good overview of topics that is a must read for anyone starting out or keen to improve their API [...]

Web Design Weekly #291

Headlines Design tools, here’s how we can fix them Colm Tuite dives deep into what he thinks is fundamentally broken with the current design tool model, as well as hint at the direction he think we should be headed. (medium.freecodecamp.org) The CSS guide is back (campaignmonitor.com) Javascript Developer (React/Redux) Working with a team of 6 Front end developers, you will be pivotal in the company’s shift to an API-driven single page application, on an industry leading product. Putting your own stamp on a [...]

Launching Your Design Career: Which Type Of Education Is Best For You?

   If you’re stuck in a job you hate and have dreams of becoming a designer and working in a creative role that fills you with excitement daily, the road to entering this completely new industry can feel daunting.Making a major career shift late in life to follow your passion is scary. Not only is it sometimes difficult to know where to start to learn about [...]

Web Design Weekly #290

Headlines AMPersand Ethan Marcotte shares his opinions about Google’s “Accelerated Mobile Pages” (AMP) project. Good read. (ethanmarcotte.com) The average web page is 3MB. How much should we care? (speedcurve.com) Why the Internet is Going Crazy Over This Mattress The Casper mattress is obsessively engineered and sleeps cool. Plus it ships for FREE, straight to your door. Web Design Weekly readers get $ 50 off with code: wdweekly. (casper.com) Articles From Modular Scales to Variable Fonts Scott Kellum, developer and designer, talks about using modular scales [...]

UX At Scale 2017: Free Webinars To Get Scaling Design Right

   Design doesn’t scale as cleanly as engineering. It’s not enough that each element and page is consistent with each other — the much bigger challenge lies in keeping the sum of the parts intact, too. And accomplishing that with a lot of designers involved in the same project.If you’re working in a growing startup or a large corporation, you probably know the issues that come [...]