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Web Design Weekly #299

Headlines Fake designs yield real results If you are new to the industry or a keen to take your skills to the next level this post by Daniel Burka highlights some great advice to help you on your way. (gv.com) The Web began dying in 2014, here’s how André Staltz shares some deep thoughts about how the underlying dynamics of the power on the web has drastically changed due to Google, Facebook and Amazon. (staltz.com) Articles Flexbox and Grids, your layout’s best friends Eva Ferreira takes [...]

Web Design Weekly #298

Headlines Colour management and gamut A great introduction to colour management for software designers and developers. (bjango.com) HTML Web Component using Vanilla JavaScript (ayushgp.github.io) Sponsor Web Design Weekly and reach over 26,434 passionate designers and developers Articles How to structure components in React? How we structure our components has a great impact on how we maintain a system and how expandable it is. Of course it all depends on the context but thankfully we have plenty of options and we can pick and choose as Bartek [...]

Maximizing The Design Sprint

   Following a summer of Wonder Woman, Spiderman, and other superhero blockbusters, it’s natural to fantasize about having a superpower of your own. Luckily for designers, innovators, and customer-centric thinkers, the design sprint process allows you to see into the future to learn in just five days what customers think about your finished product.As a UX consultant and in-house design strategist, I have facilitated dozens upon [...]

Right-To-Left Development In Mobile Design

   The Middle Eastern market is growing at a rapid pace, and, as a result, demand for IT products is also booming in the region. What is peculiar, though, is that Middle Eastern countries require design that is not only compatible with their needs and comfortable for their users, but that is also suitable to their language standards, making a serious adaptation process very important. Given [...]

Web Design Weekly #297

Headlines Sketching Interfaces A few times a year something really blows my mind in the web development space and this is one of them. High fives to the Airbnb team for pushing things forward. (airbnb.design) The React Story (stackshare.io) Articles Real-world Web Performance Budgets If you happen to work on a product that is getting big and bigger by the day and performance is becoming an issue, read this. Oh and send it to your manager. (infrequently.org) My approach to using z-index Another entertaining post by David [...]

The Role Of Storyboarding In UX Design

   To come up with a proper design, UX designers use a lot of different research techniques, such as contextual inquires, interviews and workshops. They summarize research findings into user stories and user flows and communicate their thinking and solutions to the teams with artifacts such as personas and wireframes. But somewhere in all of this, there are real people for whom the products are being [...]

Web Design Weekly #296

Headlines The 6-Step “Happy Path” to HTTPS Troy Hunt explains the fastest and easiest way you can get HTTPS up and running correctly. (troyhunt.com) Documenting the Web together (blogs.windows.com) The new tab page you’ll actually use Replace your web browser’s gratuitous new tab page with a clean and simple list of links, grouped and sorted how you like. Available for web, and as a Chrome extension. A Fine Start — a concise new tab page. Get it for free here » (afinestart.me) Articles Prettier + Stylelint If [...]

Stop Designing For Only 85% Of Users: Nailing Accessibility In Design

   As designers, we like to think we are solution-based. But whereas we wouldn’t hesitate to call out a museum made inaccessible by a lack of wheelchair ramps, many of us still remain somewhat oblivious to flaws in our user interfaces.Poor visual design, in particular, can be a barrier to a good user experience. Whereas disability advocacy has long focused on ways to help the user [...]

Web Design Weekly #295

Headlines Is this my interface or yours? John Saito shares some thoughts around interface items that belong to you. A great piece that sure does get you thinking. (medium.com) Rebuilding Slacks Website (slack.engineering) Manage projects. Bill your clients. Stay profitable. Meet Harpoon, the all-in-one financial success platform for freelancers, studios, and agencies. You decide how much money you want your business to make this year. Harpoon provides the tools you need to help achieve that goal. Try it free for 14 days! (harpoonapp.com) Articles The [...]

Web Design Weekly #294

Headlines Essential Image Optimization – an eBook An awesome eBook created by Addy Osmani that looks at the current state of image optimization and the best ways to integrate it into your workflow. A must read. (images.guide) Lessons from migrating a large codebase to React 16 (discordapp.com) Articles The 100% correct way to structure a React app Is there a “correct way”?! Well I’m not really sure but in this post David Gilbertson offers some really sound advice on making sure that the pain [...]