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Web Design Weekly #280

Headlines A Unified Styling Language Mark Dalgleish shares some thoughts around the current CSS-in-JS landscape, why people do it, and why the CSS community should care. (medium.com) DevTools: State of the Union 2017 (youtube.com) UX teams learn from customers faster with NomNom Get all your customer feedback and user research in one place. (nomnom.it) Articles Managing resources for large-scale testing An interesting look into how engineers at Facebook can use a single API to communicate with a range of remote resources within their tests and other automated [...]

Web Design Weekly #281

Headlines The Mindfulness of a Manual Performance Audit Chip Cullen shares a great list of tips and resources to help you do a manual performance audit that gives you a true understanding of what is happening under the hood with your site. (alistapart.com) 11 things I learned reading the flexbox spec (hackernoon.com) Snag the hottest new domain name for designers .design domains were just released and some of the best ones are still available. Normally cost $ 35 but Web Design Weekly subscribers [...]